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    My dear friend Tyler, is currently volunteering in the slums of Nakaru in Kenya, he is working at an orphanage where they would like to build a playground for the kids, also a kitchen and dining facility and want to start a vegetable garden too.

    They require about $1000 for this, and have gotten 65% of the funds, but theirs still a bit to go. I would love if any of you guys would be able to donate, even just a dollar!

    Also, if you want to check out Tyler’s instagram to see he’s legit, its classphemy, you can see some photos of the orphanage, the kids and his work there (and also bonus pics of him, he’s a bit of a babe)

    If you could even just reblog this, that would rock, these kids deserve some new facilities :D

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    "I know we used to always say that the world is so bad, that we wouldn’t want to bring any more kids into it. But there is a life outside of society, even if we have to live in the midst of it.” She had a point. Why should we let a selfish and materialistic society and its destruction of mother earth discourage us from having children?"

    "Lonely Traveller" by Sereno Sky (on amazon.com)

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    Tomorrow is our due date! She has certainly dropped a lot, so perhaps we’ll be meeting our sweet flower very soon~

    Best of luck <3